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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run that by me one more time

A student had to complete some 'recommend' sentences. One was 'if you want to lose weight i recommend ('type of exercise or diet') .

Student wrote: 'drink sweet coffee'.

I asked her wtf, I mean what she meant exactly, and she informed me about the latest Japanese fad, er, diet where drinking only three cups of sweet coffee a day helps you to lose weight. Like, no shit, sherlock.. Further 'investigation' clarified you are allowed breakfast OCCASIONALLY. And this was all recommended by some scientist or other on TV. Apparently.

Japan seems to thrive on these bizarre diets. A couple of years ago some celeb or other apparently advocated eating gravel as a way to suppress your appetite. A small number of people died from this.

And then there was the banana diet, as recommended by some other celeb on telly. The result of this (and this was a few years ago) was that bananas flew out of supermarkets and couldn't be found anywhere, such was the demand.

I've also had skinny students telling me their parents told them they were fat...

Bizarre country.


I gave a 15-year old girl some written homework a couple of weeks ago. She had to imagine herself 10 years from now looking back on the last ten years. I nearly burst into tears when I read the last couple of sentences where she talked about how she had an office job but couldn't wait to get married so she could leave her job.

So so sad. And yet so indicative of the attitude many women have here. But to have that attitude at 15 when you're on the cusp of starting high school with everything being possible and so many avenues lying ahead of you. It broke my heart a little bit.


I'm reading 'The Language Instinct' by Steven Pinker. I now know all about octopus sex. In fact I may never get the image out of my head. *shudder*. Okay, if you're interested, mr. grey octopus sees ms. female octopus and turns stripey in his excitement. seven of his tentacles caress her grey voluptuousness and - if she lets him - the eighth slips into her breathing hole (i guess this is the same as the mouth. do octopi have mouths? do they have noses?) and shoots some sperm into her and then glides away, greyly.

I don't really like having the image of octopus sex in my mind. Thanks Mr. Pinker. I'm now heading to some very bizarre dreams I think!


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