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Monday, January 18, 2010

Too many decisions.

Too small.
Too far.
Too dark.
Too little storage.
Too messy.
Too many people.
Too noisy.

Saw too many rooms today. None of them were 'right'. None of them spoke to me and said, 'Yay, we can have a good relationship, you and I.' None of them. My mind keeps going back to one I saw last week though. A little bit further from Shinjuku station than I wanted, but it talked to me...

I just need to play a little game now as it can't be held for more than a week without charge. It's been available for some time, so maybe I'll be lucky... Or I could push the agency as I think they might be flexible on this... Or fuck it, I might just pay a bit extra and sod it. I mean, I could look forever otherwise until I find something I like... and it's only for such a short time. Plus, the sooner I move, the sooner I get away from the decrepidness, noise and people in this house.

But I DO love a) the location of where I am now and b) having my own kitchen. I'll miss both.

And - eek - packing up... NOT NOT NOT something I'm looking forward to. Thankfully the agency I'm with now will move my stuff, for free, as they're inconveniencing us so much... Be interesting to see how flexible they are about this though.

Oh well!

And at the weekend I sent off my first application for a new job. Fingers crossed for me please!


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