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Friday, January 08, 2010

Back to work

And already it feels like the holiday was such a long time ago.

Tokyo is cold. Not cold by a lot of people's standards but cold by mine. Too cold. In Japan, this means when you go IN anywhere, the heating is cranked RIGHT up. Lots of hot stale air. Nice. And then you freeze. You dress up for the street, and then you melt as soon as you go into a building or get on the train.

Not nice.

And now I have to sort out packing up my room, finding somewhere new to live, applying for work in Spain - am still utterly unsure about whether to aim for work for the spring or whether that really is going to be impossible, and a heap of other things. Am going to pull a halt to studying for a couple of weeks while I sort those things out.

And am holding that the tiger I saw in Mudumalai is a token of a good year to come, as this is the year of the tiger.

Okay. That's me. Gotta get ready for work now. Am thrilled at the prospect of lots of stimulating input from my students. Hell, I can dream, can't I?!


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