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Monday, December 28, 2009

Of litter and Of cows

Litter. Litter. Litter. Everywhere, litter. On beaches. On national heritage sites, in pretty streets. In busy cities. Everywhere. Litter. And it's Indians, not foreigners that I see throwing it around. Why? Don't you have any respect for your own country? Heartbreaking.


Cows. Whilst I've probably managed to offend a few people with what I've written above, I'm now going for the kill. Cows. If you're going to have a holy animal in your religion, can you not have chosen one slightly less stupid than a cow? I mean, the Egyptians got it right when they started worshiping the cat. The cat is a sensible animal to worship. It's a clever animal. But a cow? You let them sit around in the streets, blocking the traffic, chewing on cardboard boxes, unafraid of people or traffic and too docile to actually do anything else. Why not eat them? Why not solve the hunger problem here?

Okay. I've gone to far now, haven't I? Should I now go into anonymity for insulting an entire religion in one paragraph?

But you get my point, don't you?!


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