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Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is not an indication of things to come...

Started off this year on antibiotics.

Am I going to finish it on antibiotics too? Hopefully not but...

I've not had the healthiest year (refer back to previous posts) and I've had a lot of tooth and gum problems that several trips to the dentist didn't exactly sort out. Anyway, I opened my throbbing mouth at work this morning and saw something that looked like a hair across my tooth. Further investigation (ie I stuck my finger in my mouth and touched it) confirmed the worst: the tooth was SPLIT. Split from side to side across the top. Great. And on a Saturday to boot. And when I was at work. AND when I'm flying to India tomorrow.

Thankfully someone found me a dentist and got me an appointment after work and the tooth - and an abscess - were taken out. I now have a big hole in my mouth and am back on antibiotics. And hoping, hoping, hoping that I don't get it infected while I'm in India.



Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Oh dear! But hey... MUCH better to have gotten it out rather than having to travel with a sore tooth. The pressure on the descent would have been god-awful!

Sending positive vibes your way and hope we can chat soon. XXXXX

7:45 pm

Blogger Melanie O. said...

Hope you're feeling better!

1:13 pm


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