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Monday, November 30, 2009



All three reports are in a good condition now. A little bit of tweaking, re-reading, editing and re-re-reading needed and they're good to go. I hope they are good enough! I'm not expected an amazing pass, but TO pass would be good!

Tummy is a bit better and back a bit more relaxed. Eyes a bit sore from so many hours of computer though! But hey!

Got a tummy ache. And no peppermint tea in my room. And no time to go out and get some.

Got a back ache. And no long hot bath I can sink into. Actually, no bath. And if I did, it'd probably be 3/4 length.

Got too much left to do on reports. Well, not a hideous amount, but still too much.

And my nose is cold. And my fingers. But at least my computer is holding out. (Heating on = computer slows down, remember?). And I'm wearing a hat and legwarmers with my pj's and ... thankfully I'm not too bothered about what anyone else in the house thinks about this.

*whimper* tummy.

*whimper* back.

*whimper* reports.


And I'm tired and can hear the mice. Stressed? Me?


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