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Friday, November 27, 2009

Disjointed Thoughts

I'm sitting in a bubble of tired haze, having crashed around 2.30am and being woken up at 6am and 8am and not needing to get up until later.

The water jug is heating. Water jug? I don't actually know what it's called. Kettles are rare in Japan in my experience. That's not to say they're not around, just that in my experience they are rare. And the ones I've seen in houses are kettles that heat on a stove, not electric kettles like England. But I have a jug thing that heats up, and that's what I've mostly seen.

Tired. See? And rambling.

Had a VERY strange dream last night, and I'm not one to remember my dreams normally. Can't remember all the details but it was diploma portfolio related and involved my tutors, Jillian Michaels, being accused of cheating by asking someone to check over my papers, and being arrested and taken away to be tortured.

Pretty interesting anxiety dream in all, I'd say!

And now, my hazy self must go and make coffee and unhaze a little as I have a long way to go still before the start of next week when the portfolio must be submitted.


P.S. Told landbitchlady I'd move into their new house. A few reasons - mainly cost and convenience.


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