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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not my finest moment

The brother-in-law of one of my students was in a coma for six or so weeks after wrapping his car around a central reservation.
Today the student said: 'My brother-in-law's not dead'.
I said, rather enthusiastically, 'That's great! You must be very happy.'
She said, 'We went to the funeral yesterday.'
Somehow I think she didn't say what I thought she said originally, and with clarification the brother-in-law had, indeed, died. The ground didn't open up and swallow up, though could have been useful if it had, and I still don't know what she meant to say. Maybe 'got dead' or 'now dead'.
The joys of teaching, eh!
I'm all confused now about what to do next year. When my contract ends at the end of March, I was planning to leave Japan. It'll have been 5.5 years by then and I only came for a year or two. I'm desperate to get back to Europe for a number of reasons and delayed leaving this year for the sake of doing the diploma.
To leave end of March, I need to commit to leaving by end of January and yesterday my DoS sewed seeds of doubt in my mind as to my timing for leaving. Sewing seeds of doubt in the mind of an indecisive person is like putting a bone in front of a dog and telling it not to touch it. Or something. Anyway, I now really don't know what to do!


Anonymous Ben J said...

If you left it until you had been there 6 years that'd be the same length of time as World War 2... Not sure that helps much, but just thought I'd pass on my 2 cents!

12:00 am

Blogger Jo said...

Ben - LMAO!

I will not eat these words but SIX YEARS - NO WAY!

12:26 am


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