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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear oh dear

Dear Student,

If you want more conversation then please take the initiative. Please think of some things to talk about. Please give me longer answers - preferably more than two words at a time. Please understand you can ask questions to me as well. Please realise the conversation you want will never happen until you start to actually make some effort and stop it being a q&a session.


Jo sensei*.


Dear Local Council,

You DO realise this street is being demolished in a handful of months, don't you? So - just a little curious here - why have you spent money putting unneeded streetlights around our house. TWO unneeded street lights. Can't you see they are both merely ten metres or so from other streetlights?

Yours gaijin** san***.


Dear Self,

Have you always been so indecisive, or is it a recent thing? Yes, I didn't think it was recent. Sometimes, dear self, it amazes me how you achieve anything in life. Of course, you ARE getting older now, and senility is bound to creep in sooner or later - probably sooner - still, then you won't be aware of your indecisiveness so it won't matter.



P.S. Whilst a huge bowl of banana, persimmon, apple and satsuma is an awesome idea, drowning it in alcohol could explain why you are now a little bit drunk.


* sensei means teacher. i'm normally called 'jo sensei' at least a couple of times a week. i don't particularly like it.

** gaijin means foreigner.

***san is an honorific. kind of like mr/mrs/ms etc. adults are 'san'. (ayako san) dogs and girls are 'chan'. (spot chan). boys are sometimes also 'chan' but normally 'kun'. (Yo kun)Hello Kitty is 'kitty chan' here. Whilst decorating a xmas tree at school today, the school manager referred to a bauble as 'bauble chan'. but never mind'.


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