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Sunday, November 29, 2009


1.5 days until my portfolio deadline.
Could be going much better. Am extremely distracted. Obviously.

6 days until the xmas party I'm meant to be helping organise.
Have really done nothing for this. Feel a bit bad, but timing is shite and school manager is very focused, unlike me.

8 days until I meet with the external examiner for the diploma, have a lesson observed, give a presentation, and get tested on my knowledge of phonology and phonetics.
Ha! Ha! Ha! I have SO much to prepare for this day. I have a vague idea about the lesson, a vague idea about the presentation and a vague idea about the phonetics and phonology. Okay, maybe 'slightly' more than a vague idea about these. But only slight.

14 days until I go to India.
Have done fuck all. Thank god I sorted the visa out early or I'd have been stuffed. There are clothes to take that need repairing, there are... oh sod it, that's what airport shops are for. Really DO want to book the first nights hotel though.

38 days until I get back from India.
Not such a biggie. Just means new term and getting organised as I'll still have lots of diploma to do but with the exam end of May, I need to keep the momentum going. Also means I'll have time for 1,001 things I've been delaying. Most important of which is sorting out my room and deciding what to pack and not.

Also need to househunt in case I don't move into agencies other house. Idea of sharing ONE kitchen with ten people is REALLY not appealing (I have my own kitchen now).

63 days until I need to commit to a new contract, or hand in my notice.
See last load of posts in reference to this. I don't know what I'm doing but updating my CV is definitely on the cards - and sending them off at some stage.

91 days until I HAVE to be out of this house.
Oh joy. I fucking hate moving house. I've lived in more houses than probably anyone I know. I stopped counting when I hit my mid-20s but it's gotta be 40ish properties by now probably.


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

32 days until we meet! Hurrah!

9:30 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Pixy - yes. and 13 days until i can feel less bloody cold! i saw san's facebook email. we need to talk but this week is mental with deadlines. i'll have 5 days for pre-india arrangements after that though!


10:38 pm

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