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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On the home stretch

Brrrrr. It's cold in Tokyo. Is it cold where you are?

Yesterday I had the diploma practical exam and interview. The time flew by and the examiner was really nice - and didn't throw me any questions I couldn't answer. I walked out feeling rather happy. Or maybe it was just relieved because the diploma pressure is now OVER. Whatever happens (ie even if I failed any of the portfolio or failed any yesterday - which, obviously, I'm hoping ISN'T the case) nothing can be done until next year. I still have a written paper to do - but that's end of May. I can come back from holiday and work slowly and steadily on it all.

So, I left the exam yesterday, smiling, and went and picked up a few bits and bobs for India (actually, almost nothing. I have everything I need to take. I think.) and reserved a seat on the bus to the airport. And just walked along the street like a mad smiling woman. I don't smile enough generally. Well, not like I mean it anyway! Got home, and realised nothing was urgent anymore. Confirmed my Delhi hotel and relaxed. Ignoring the mess around me that really needs sorting now the Dip. pressure is over.

Five more working days. Five more sleeps. Then India...

It's ALL good :D

Except it isn't. After the fun and games with being sick in and after India last year - which I'm still convinced was started in Japan and just exacerbated by being out there - my skin has been pretty much 100% clear all year. ALL YEAR. Despite stress, despite everything. Until a few days ago. The skin around one of my ankles is sore. In a strange way. Am slathering on steroid cream, trying to relax and am hoping for the best. But inside am freaking out a little bit. I go to India on Sunday. I have a long flight with aircon that may freak out my skin. If I go to a doctor before - well, it doesn't look serious - but I know the potential implications that lie with what is going on. I'm freaking out. But if I go to a doctor, it's unlikely it'll be taken seriously unless I go back to where I was earlier this year and..... OH! Anyway, I have every intention to take a couple of sleeping pills for the flight and hope that rendering myself unconscious will immobilize me sufficiently to not end up clawing at the skin like I did last year.

I do not want a repeat performance of what I went through. I do not want to start 2010 with doctors and hospital stays like I did 2009.


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