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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nearly There.

Tomorrow is nearly here. I am nearly there...
Yesterday the school xmas party was successful, I think. As senior teacher for the school, I'd have felt pretty crap if it hadn't, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
I was too busy during the party talking to students and doing games to eat or drink much but went out for a couple of large drinks afterwards.
And woke up this morning with a hangover and a million and one things to do for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have a teaching practice exam and, until I sat down with a blank lesson plan in front of me this morning wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do. It's all figured out now though and hopefully will work. I'm taking a bit of a risk but, the way I see it, we get marked on the lesson plan and the analysis we do after the lesson as well as the lesson itself so, if it doesn't work, that gives me a lot more to discuss afterwards.
I also have to give a presentation. I've kind of worked out what I'm going to talk about, so fingers crossed on that. I haven't had much time to review phonology and phonetics (another part of the exam) but should be okay!
And then, by lunchtime tomorrow, it's over. No more diploma pressure. I have to do a written exam at the end of May but I have a long time to read and prepare (I could have taken it a couple of weeks ago but elected not to because I wanted to spend more time reading and studying).
Tomorrow afternoon I have to prepare for India as I go next Sunday. This time next week I'll be in India.
How fucking awesome is that?!


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