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Monday, December 28, 2009

Goa - Colva

I recovered from yesterdays garlic fest, in case you were wondering!

Today am utterly blissed out. Sleepy from lots of sun and more relaxed than I've felt in ages.

I've moved down to the south of Goa - to Colva - which is, basically, beach resort, and the kind of place I would ordinarily have chosen to avoid like the plague. But I like it. It's... something.

Got a couple of buses this morning from Panaji to here after I actually found the Colva bus stop in Margao, and found a rather nice (rather expensive - oops!) hotel that's nice and central and near the beach.

After dumping down my things, I made for the beach, kicking off my shoes as soon as I hit the sand and sluffing through the powdery sand down to the sea where I managed to soak my trousers to thigh level kicking the waves that were toe depth where I was mooching through for about 300 or so metres until I found a nice clear area (ie almost no people) and settled down for some serious reading and relaxing!

Had another lovely meal and then walked about a kilometre up the beach - enjoying the sun and the peace and watching a mad random guy with a golf club, hitting a ball up and down the beach. He seemed happy anyway. And then I sat and read some more and kicked my way through more warm powdery sound.

Am in heaven!


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