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Monday, January 11, 2010


why would you get a big purple heart dyed onto your dogs thigh?


[spotted today in Nakano Sakaue]


In other news, had a good attempt yesterday at updating my cv. I've never done a teaching cv before so kind of hard to know if I'm on the right track with it, but hopefully... Also had a stab at the cover email I'm sending with it. Will check them again tomorrow and see if I want to change anything.

I'd like to have a clear picture in my head of when I'm leaving as soon as possible. At the moment it's kind of between the beginning of April and the beginning of June which may not seem like much but it is...


Went and had a look at a room today that was quite nice. I have a lot of stuff and don't really want to chuck much away at the moment - before I leave Japan most of it will go, but that's another thing.

I want to move at the beginning of next month (a real pain if it IS only for a couple of months, but hey) and the task of packing up my room now is not one I'm relishing.

I'm putting all study on hold until I've moved. It's just easier that way.


I broke out the heat pads today and put them in my gloves, but then my hands got too hot so I took off the gloves. My hat made me too hot too, so I took it off. And then I got cold about five minutes later and put it back on again. And repeated this about 20 times in 20 minutes. Went into the agency and nearly melted.

Did I say I hate this weather? It's just so impractical!

In Culva (Goa) I hit on the idea of writing a book. It's something I've wanted to achieve for a long time. I started it yesterday.... First, I spent about 30 minutes on Amazon trying to think of a title that didn't already exist. Next, I wrote the first paragraph. And rewrote it. And rewrote it.

And was then too exhausted to attempt another paragraph.

The book may not be coming any time soon!


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