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Friday, January 15, 2010


1. This morning I saw a couple of dozen men standing around a heap of SMALL boxes, unloading them and putting SMALL plants into the ground...

all while wearing hard hats.

How dangerous can three inch plants be?

2. Anyone who has been to, or lives in Tokyo, knows the average hole in the ground will have at least a couple of flashing lights, some barriers and a workman or two standing around to point it out to you. BUT...

the last few days there's been some work being done on one of the pavements nearby. Pedestrians are being alerted to this by a portion of the road being barriered off into a new path each evening. The barriers are luminous AND lit with flashing lights. There are a plethora of workmen with flashing jackets AND flashing batons standing to point it out AND (in case that isn't enough), there's an illuminated van with a six foot pole at the top of which is a 6 foot high illuminated BLUE poo / teardrop / waterdrop. With a big smiling face. And arms and legs.

3. When you decide you can't be arsed to wait for the little red man at a crossing to turn green - which I usually can't if there's no cars coming - you should, of course, check for any fast approaching traffic.

You should also check for any stationary taxis waiting ten metres in front of you, because it's a little bit embarrassing when a crowd of politely waiting Japanese watch you almost collide with one.

Not that I would do that, of course!


Anonymous BenJ said...

I hate it when that fast moving traffic in fact isn't so the movement away which your subconscious brain has already factored in doesn't happen and you end up looking like someone who has accidentally walked into an Escher painting and decided that the staircase cannot in fact do that.

Otherwise, how are you?

4:44 am

Blogger Jo said...

laughing at you mainly.


11:53 pm


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