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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Cold outside. Dress up warmly. Overheat walking to station. Freeze when stopping for traffic lights. Overheat when walking. Bake and sweat when you enter the way-too-hot train. Change trains. Feel sweat on neck turn to ice. Get back on train. Melt. Get off train. Freeze. Go in building. Melt. Pop out to shop. Freeze. Enter shop. Melt.

Such is winter in Japan. The heating inside places is cranked WAY up. But anyway.

Here's a couple of amusing links I've knicked from other people: This one illustrates beautifully the paranoia of Japanese people. It's about how the Swine Flu was treated in one guy's company.

Of course, catching flu would be bad because it might stop people working and, well - there's so few hours in the day anyway that those poor overworked salarymen just don't get enough time to work, drink AND sleep so have to take advantage of every little minute, don't they? Like in these pictures.



Anonymous reesan said...

hi joe, thanks for the ping on the sleeping salarymen post. muchas gracias! ^_^

4:17 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Some things are worth pinching!

10:02 pm


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