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Thursday, February 04, 2010


On Sunday I happily succeeded in not actually getting any packing done until about 5pm, or thereabouts. After I got to a reasonable stage - ie exhaustion - I had to stop as I figured it wouldn't take me the long to complete the next day. Right. Naturally what actually happened was I got up later than planned, packed a lot, went and go breakfast/lunch from the conbeni, came back, faffed and ate, tried - and failed - to complete the packing before the guy from old housing agency arrived.

It also meant he did a LOT of the carrying from room to van while I continued faffing.

As he arrived he told me it was due to rain heavily later - and then to snow. It had just started raining as we left and knowing my things were on his open topped (albeit covered by canvas) van meant I also knew unloading would not be fun. Anyhoo, I have more stuff than could fit on the van, so we ended doing two trips as the rain slowly got heavier and heavier.

Later that night it started snowing. Thankfully I was already in my room - having found a local supermarket, shopped and made food, before it started.

I found out about 90% of the old house elected to move to the new premises with the agency. I am so happy I'm not one of them

The station is very close to get to from home and very straightforward. Thankfully!

Am still a little disoriented though as I'm trying to figure out which box or bag has things lurking in them.


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