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Friday, January 22, 2010

And that's that.

Saw another couple of properties this morning and spent lots of time going back and forth between choosing one of them and one i saw week before last. Lots of pros and cons for both and, to be honest, i could keep looking forever and not find somewhere i like, so i threw the question to a colleague, nicer house or nicer location - and went with the location. Hope I made the right choice...

Current twatty agency has confirmed they'll move me on the date I want.

Because it's being demolished, I don't have to concern myself with any cleaning.

Deposit is paid.

Moving date is February first.

Er... I 'just' have to start packing now. And there's rather a lot of stuff. But am happy it's sorted now because as soon as I move I can get back on with studying. And get away from the idiots I live with now. I think all the people in the new place are Japanese and, based on my rather limited experience of Japanese housemates, they are a lot quieter and more considerate than Europeans and Americans.


Sometimes I grumble about my students. All teachers do. But I realised yesterday that, actually, I really like most of them. That scared me.


My English is going to pot. I'm picking up much too much Japanese English. Other than getting out of Japan I'm not sure what I can do about this!


It's now also time to start thinking about summer jobs overseas if I want to get one. Am a tad nervous about them being unknown entities though. My current company I applied to because I knew someone else who'd previously worked for them. It's weird: I have no problem with moving to a new city or country or travelling without planning it all out in advance but, for some reason, I'm nervous about my 'next' job.

Guess I'm just strange.


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