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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confusing Times

Saturday the temperature was 3 degrees. Yesterday (Tuesday) it was 10 and today it was 13. What on earth is going on with the weather?


Am getting house hunting stress. Am very tempted to say yes to the first place I saw (provided it is still available) but what if I find something better? What if I don't? What if I leave it too late and someone else snaps it up? What if they don't?

My agency (who promised to help us move) doesn't want to move me on a Monday. Monday is the only day that really suits me.


I've been taking sleeping tablets again recently. For some reason this has been giving me very strange dreams. I rarely remember my dreams, but have been lately. The other night I dreamed I had a big garden (I hate gardening) and there was a (friendly) wolf and a panda (not together) in the garden, looking at me. There was also a queen sized bed. In the garden. I have no idea what on earth any of this could mean.

But the following day when a student started randomly talking about pandas in the lesson, it did kind of freak me out.


In Tokyo, I have no problem with slinging a coat and crocs over roomwear (pyjamas in other words) to go to the convenience store. What I love is that nobody else does either, and at 10.45pm when I pop in for emergency biscuits, stockcubes, shampoo and conditioner, nobody bats an eye. Gotta love it.


One of my students is getting two weeks off school soon because OTHER kids in her school have exams and so the teachers will be busy. Like WTF? Kids usually get a few days off after they do exams too so that the teachers can mark them. Like
that would ever happen in England.

Additionally, some kids have 'fake' teaching days so that parents can go and observe their school lessons on a Saturday. The kids get an extra day off instead. Actually, a lot of sports events are held on Saturdays in schools - followed by extra days off.

A lot of high school kids seem to have finished for the year now (academic year is April to March in Japan). It would seem it's not so tough here for all kids.


Another student, who is going to university in April, and who has finished for the year, has a part-time job in McDonalds. So far she's had FIVE days of training, including HOW to clean a table and how to smile.

I had a part-time job in McD's when at uni. I think I had about 30 minutes of 'training' and was watched while I got on with it. I remember a 16-year old squirt telling me off for salting the McFries from left to right and not right to left.

Like whatever.

But then again, in 'real' jobs here there seems a lack of 'training'. People talk about studying their job or learning their job here. Nobody I've asked seems to have had any kind of handover from someone in the position prior to them and neither are they prepared to give it to others.

Each (society) to their own, I guess.


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