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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blast Off!

10. Had a lovely day on Sunday with friends enjoying a boozy lunch at the Meguro Tavern - a British - ish pub - that does an AWESOME Sunday roast. That was followed by a nice walk in the park. Lovely Sunday.

9. Packing is about half done. Chaos reins.

8. After I move, on Monday, it's full-steam ahead with the diploma again.

7. It's also full-steam ahead with job hunting for a summer job in Spain or England.

6. There are only six more sleeps to survive in this house before I leave the housemates. Half of whom I'm clueless about and the other half of whom are bloody loud / annoying. Especially one who has two volumes: out/asleep or bloody loud.

5. Twats of the day: Softbank (old Vodafone) who wouldn't accept a change of address from me before I get my Gaijin card changed, despite me telling them I move in six days and it'll be at least two weeks before I can get the Gaijin card changed. Maybe they're not bothered where they send my bills to?

4. I have to have my photo taken tomorrow for a colour insert that'll go into local papers to promote a campaign in my school. I hate having my picture taken. I particularly hate having to 'pose' for my picture to be taken.

3. Related to 4, above: I NEVER get spots. I mean, never. I have dry skin. I didn't go through teenage acne and can go for months or years between spots. Well, guess what? I have FOUR of the fuckers on my chin. Like, WHY????

2. Love of the day: there's a lovely (non-Japanese) lady who works in the local convenience store. She's always been very sweet and friendly to me. Today I went in to get boxes and she led me to the back of the store and loaded me (ladened me?) down with more boxes than I could manage - or would have if I hadn't made her stop. She THEN offered to help me get them home! I said she didn't need to but, like, bless! What a honey!

1. I have every intention of getting my India photos up once I move. My intentions don't always pan out, but I'll try.



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