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Saturday, January 30, 2010

And getting ever closer...

The fucktard in my house (should I say the biggest fucktard) did it yet again. Woke me up at 6am this time with the washing machine. He knows it's loud. He knows there's a house rule about no usage before 7am, but does it make any difference? Like fuck. This fucktard is the one with two volumes - asleep/out and loud. Every week he wakes me up or keeps me awake with crashing around, shouting, etc. He doesn't care. The agency doesn't care. So nothing can be done about him.

Thankfully I don't have to put up with him for much longer.


Yesterday was another of those days that is spurring me on to leave Japan.

Some highlights:

The student who told me about his dead grandfather being kept on dry ice in his house for a week and how tedious it was to have to visit him every day.

How it's really annoying that, because of death of said grandfather, he can't go on a vacation for 45 days.

The student in her mid-60s who has to fly across Japan every week to take care of her parents before coming back to feed her husband. Her husband encourages her to go but only as long as she prepares all his food for him before she goes.

Another student who is in her mid-40s and lives with her parents because it's convenient and they are rich.

Another student, who has been studying English for a long time, but couldn't combine some random letters to make even a two-letter word.

Another one who insisted divorce is wrong and tried to convince me that all Japanese marrieds are happy.

And then there were all the company policies and government policies that I was told about that are just plain bizarre - such as a company who is severly short staffed but because they are undergoing a merger IN THREE YEARS TIME cannot promote anyone into a vacant manager position.

And so on and so on. I think I've blotted out a lot of the rest, but it seemed to be relentless yesterday!

When you get passed the 'cuteness' of Japan, the weirdness comes out and, for me, this is not always in a good way.

Don't get me wrong. There ARE things I like about Tokyo (and I'm sure my experiences would have been very different in another city or town here) but, quite simply, I've been here too long and am completely ready to go now.


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