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Sunday, February 07, 2010

One Week

I moved house last Monday. Naturally I was still packing at the last minute and, after a run of dry days, it rained. Heavily. Which wasn't the greatest weather to be hauling boxes and bags around it, but at least it was over and done with before it started snowing!

I've been here a week now. The house is quiet, clean and not falling apart. Bit of a change from the last place. It's taking a bit of getting used to having to share a kitchen again and I'm a bit paranoid about separating the rubbish properly - if it's always been done properly and suddenly isn't, they'll know it's 'the new girl'. We have SIX different bins to separate into plus separate containers for used PET lids, etc. Before I kind of figured things were basically 'burnable' or 'recyclable' and kind of left it at that. Bad, I know.

The house has 8 beds but only 7 people live here right now. There are 4 single rooms and a dormitory with 4 beds. 5 of the people are Japanese here.

The location is nice. I've not had a lot of time yet to explore but it's quiet with lots of food places and lots of hairdressers and I'm nice and close to the station.

As for unpacking: I haven't really yet. Part of this is down to laziness, part of it to not having had time / being too tired and sleeping badly, and part of it down to figuring out the best place to put things. I think mentally a part of me doesn't want to unpack either but just wants to be out of here.

On the subject of which, I've started looking at summer jobs and need to buckle down with applications now.


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Sounds like you're going to have a good last few months in Japan! Pics of the new place possible?

12:30 am

Blogger Jo said...

at some stage!

5:06 pm

Blogger David said...

Sounds like a good place!

4:46 am


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