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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Post One

As my birthday present to you (Tuesday, okay?!) I thought I'd put up some long overdue pictures.


My current tea collection. PLEASE don't buy me any more. I KNOW I'm English, and we English like tea - but I really have enough to last a year or so?

Anyone wanna brew?When the 'friend' from England came to visit I was given an English apple. It's the small one next to the big one. The Japanese one is more expensive, bigger and much juicier. I got very arty with some of the pictures I took. I, sensibly, deleted most of them though:

Do you like my new pink iPod Shuffle? I bought it a couple of months ago but only got around to putting music onto it a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I can now be heard singing VERY LOUDLY when on my bike, as opposed to a pretty indistinguishable volume a few weeks back!

To match my lovely pink iPod Shuffle, I got some lovely pink sparkly Converse boots. HOW bloody cool are they?!

What I didn't buy, but would, if I could play, was this lovely pink Hello Kitty guitar. HOW bloody cool is this?! I got some odd looks taking photos of it. Can't think why though.


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