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Monday, May 14, 2007

And on...

Mr. To_the_point's emails didn't stop at the point of his obnoxiousness. They continued as he tried to turn it all into some kind of blame game combined with a certain patheticness of a child begging for a puppy in exchange for promising to tidy it's bedroom, or something. As I said already. Lucky escape. Someone who gets argumentative on email that you've not even met is well... quite frankly just not worth meeting. I don't need stroppy friends.

Mr. Faraways non-date was okay. He arrived 30 minutes early. I arrived about 5 minutes late. He'd gone to bed at about 5am that morning and didn't look particularly happy / awake. Did conversation flow? I guess it did, but we're both babblers so I guess that wasn't hard. There was no instant clicking but I accept that sometimes it takes time. Basically it was 'pleasant' rather than 'fun'. He said a few odd things, but I'm sure I did too. Nothing else to say really. He's pre-arranged to meet up with some mates of his quite early to travel back to Faraway Land with them. Which I guess was fair enough, but annoyed me a tad to be honest. Especially the phone call he had fixing up where they were meeting.

Still, we had a bit of a wander and an amusing conversation with one of the Rockerbilly dancers in Yoyogi Park - who confessed to being a bottled water salesman during the week in a dark suit and chatted to us for a while.

Mr. Faraway went off to return to Faraway Land, and I spent ages wandering around the park taking photos - which were going to compiled into a Life in Yoyogi Park photostory today - but I left my camera at my mates house. So it's not happening.

There was a huge Thai festival in the park: lots and lots of stalls selling mainly food, but also jewellery, clothes and that kind of thing. There were a couple of sound stages too but by the time I'd hit them, I'd already bought food to take to my friends' house so wandered off and had a lazy evening eating Thai, gossiping and managing to make last train home.

This evening I've a movie non-date with Mr. Shorter_than_average_Japanese.

Watch this space....!


Blogger Nix said...

Oh DO keep this up! I'm begining to live vicariously through your postings! (rather sad, but there you have it!)

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