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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blogspiration anyone?

I seem to have run out of blog steam but I'm sure this is only temporary. I blame it on the weather. We had a few days of blissful early summer, and then it all turned to cack again.

My time is an ongoing cycle of work, sleep, eat, drink, sing, shop - so nothing new there!

I DID buy an awesome pair of pink glittery Converse. But I guess that's only interesting to me. Oh, my pink iPod Shuffle is still very cute. And still without music. And I STILL haven't sorted out my photos either. Sorry. I'm very concerned that my computer is going to die on me as it's being quite unpredictable and so, until it's calmed down, I'm reluctant to put more pictures on it. (For some reason I'm unable to currently put pictures onto discs).

It's my 36th birthday next month (gulp) and I've been going through a 'little' panic about it and the fact that I don't know any single female expats in their mid-30s and that things will just get worse with regard to this. BUT I'm starting to calm down and rationalise it all a bit more.

On the subject of birthdays and music: if anyone is stuck for inspiration for a present for me (well, I can hope....) I'm after music. Any music. I want new music. Feel free to copy some favourites onto a disc for me! (No d&b please!)

Oh and one other teensy weensy little thing: I've had 50ish responses to a classified girl seeks boy ad I was 'persuaded' to place. Whether I'll respond to any I've not decided. Some look pretty interesting though!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Respond to them!!! Well, to some anyway. Just for fun! Lou

12:02 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Aha! Dates with fifty blokes! That's got to be worth doing. I am 38 and an expat, but do I count as single?

11:55 am

Anonymous Nathan said...

When I hit a low in blogging/vlogging...I usually take a couple days off and let something just come to me from where ever it comes:)

6:15 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Lou - it's ALL your fault.
Tim - NO! not unless you want to tell me something?
Nathan - I'm sure I'll be back talking utter rubbish again frequently soon enough!

12:40 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

No I don't have anything to tell you, but I'm not married!

10:00 pm

Blogger Jo said...

tim - it's been a pretty long relationship with mr beast so far though!

11:39 am


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