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Friday, March 02, 2007

Today I..

- got woken up by the windows being noisily cleaned
- had a RAGINGLY sore throat
- had my DVD player refuse to play my DVDs or my CDs
- had my computer crash several times
- had to discover my bike front tyre was as flat as a pancake
- knocked over a box of goods in a shop
- dropped my phone in the supermarket
- dropped my change everywhere in a bakery
- dropped tapes at work

but -

- finished work at 5.30 instead of 9pm
- got lent Little Britain 2 (I've seen Seasons 1 and 3)

came home from work and slept for two hours.

What a day! Please may tomorrow be better!


Blogger Sigsy said...

Maaaaaaaaaate. We've all had them. Those days. Dear lord though! That is a lot for one person one day.
How nice to finish early, but like me, you get in and sleep. What's that about?

12:54 am


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