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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am SO SO misunderstood

I am a serious teacher. I only give serious lessons. Any other ideas about me are simply not true.

So why exactly a student decided to recommend her boss to me to learn 'bad' English I have NO idea. Apparantly he 'knows dirty, but isn't dirty' - whatever the hell that means. It certainly baffled me. I mean, AS IF I would teach a student anything other than correct and polite English. I have NO fucking idea what gives people the idea that I'd do otherwise.

LOL - Laying in bed I just had a thought: the above situation is detailed TOTALLY out of context, so to set things straight - the conversation took place after hours in an Indian restaurant with a group of teachers, students and staff present. I was still singled out though as the teacher who would give the best lessons in [ahem] 'real' English.

I'd never met the guy before, but most of the others had. He's a rather well off dentist and finally subsidised our whole meal rather nicely for us and...

my score of the evening was a 1000 yen (about £5 or whatever the current crap rate might be) dental check up and clean to come. How cool is that? Made my night and my wallet VERY happy :D And no, I don't have to give 'dirty English' lessons in exchange, in case you are wondering although I did offer to give some free English normal lessons if he wanted. Ha!

And on the subject of serious teaching: I would NEVER have strong black filter coffee before I taught three-year olds. I mean, it would make me more hyped than them, wouldn't it and I might do something stupid like having crawling races across the floor with them. And I might then gloat each time I won.

I mean, AS IF!

Neither would I ever have a second strong cup before my two-year olds or randomly decide to use full body teaching for the weather. Well, okay and the imaginary snowball fight worked quite well and they got quite into the full body sun, rain and wind. How to mime cloudy totally baffled me though. Oh - and we made spiders and they weren't scared (this 'they' being one kid who found the 'brown' flashcard scary).

Actually, my two year old's mums pissed me off today. If a kid misbehaves in my classroom it's my job to sort it out. If a parent is present I always feel the line becomes a little blurry regarding discipline. Today the two year olds thought it was fun to race around screaming at the top of their lungs when I asked them to sit down. The mums just sat and smiled. Un-fucking-believable.

And as a serious teacher I would never have my adult students spend 25 minutes making tower blocks from childrens cubes, obviously.


Oh and I had an interesting weekend last weekend and have photos to upload. I'll try and get around to it tomorrow...


Blogger thirdtimelucky said...

Your classes sound fun. I was soo tempted to stay home and play in the snow today instead of going to work so I'm sure I could do 3 year old with the best of them.

7:57 pm


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