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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Blue Skies, Babies and Blogs

I think, although someone disagreed with me yesterday [grrrr] that Tokyo gets MUCH colder than London does in winter. Coupled with a lack of central heating or double glazing it can be pretty horrible,


winter in London is GREY. In Tokyo, the skies mostly remain an optimistic blue, regardless of how bloody freezing it is.

I like this. Plus we ARE starting to get some milder days here, which is also nice.


A part of my job is to give trial lessons to potential students. Today I had to give one to THREE two year olds - but one couldn't (luckily?) make it. By 'two year olds' I mean a boy of exactly two years and a girl of one year and eleven months.

The twenty minute lesson went well. Well, the little girl cried for about five minutes but we sort of ignored her and she then came and joined in and really enjoyed it. They had really good concentration for their ages too, and I was pretty sure they'd join. As they'd have been given to me I'm not sure whether this would necessarily have been a good thing


out in reception, the two year old decided to try and beat up one of my three-and-a-half year old waiting students. The mothers then decided they were maybe too young to join yet.

So why did you bring them????




Am I the only one who can only sign into Beta Blogger by first attempting to sign into the old Blogger? Beta Blogger will NOT open by itself and it's really annoying having to boomerang around to get in.

Any ideas, oh wise ones?


Anonymous barista said...

I learned this from 20+ years of living in Colorado, clears skies can actually make it colder because there is nothing to trap the heat in, or so the weather people said.

I also learned about layering clothes to keep warm. Since we're having a cold spell here in Indy it's an undershirt, normal button down shirt, sweater, scarf, stocking cap, and a down jacket with a hood. If all else fails, add another layer or two. Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps is also nice.

1:18 pm

Blogger Jo said...

it's got colder again. we had a few mild days.

the skies are still clear though...

1:05 am

Blogger Jules said...

Re: beta blogger... do you have a Gmail account linked to your new blogger account?

If so, sign into Gmail and read your email, and then (using the same window) type in www.blogger.com and it will boot you straight through to the Dashboard page - no signing in required!

7:28 pm

Blogger Jo said...

nice one, jules!

worked a treat.

thank you :D

12:38 am


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