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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hey! 120% Christmas everybody!

No. I have NO idea what it means, but Sony Plaza shops are wishing everyone a 120% Christmas, according to their bags. Maybe that extra 20% equals the leftover turkey, the hangovers, the drunken uncles snoozing in the bushes, the remnants of wrapping paper found 6 months later under the sofa, the money heaped onto the credit cards.....

Who knows. It`s amused me, anyway.

I`m counting down the days til Thailand now (four) and hoping my computer will be sorted out before I leave. I`ve been frighteningly efficient since not having internet at home. I`m slowly realising just how much time I must actually spend on it.

I`m almost up to date on Prison Break dvd`s. My flat is clean and tidy. My sewing pile is completed. It`s great.

Last week was strange: I have no certTESOL work to do, for the first time in six months. That kind of threw me out. Actually, maybe that`s the reason everything is getting done. Luckily, I have to go and get very drunk and stay out all night singing on Saturday, so I didn`t have time to miss the usual Saturday night of lesson preparation. When I woke up at 2pm, after crashing at 5ish, I lay there thinking: what on EARTH can I do? It confused me, having a free Sunday. So, I got up, had a shower, went back to bed and slept some more... before getting my bike and hiring more Prison Break. I mean, how can you not enjoy this?

I do anyway. And I know Marcia does, don`t you love?!

I did a bad thing today though: when I first got here I adored my boss. Unfortunately, he left a year ago, and the guy who took the job could not have been more different. Lovely guy BUT knows nothing about managing people, etc. Many words could be used to describe him but a certain situation has been driving me nuts for the last six months and, whilst making my feelings very clear. Weekly. I`ve been pretty patient and polite about it. Anyhoo, this guy is finishing as my boss and moving to a different part of the company after this week. YAY! So today, I was unable to bite my tongue on the phone to him and got quite arsey about the situation. I felt much better afterwards, and it won`t make any difference to the situation anyway. Satisfying to be able to say what I felt about what he`d not done though.

P.S. new plan:

bangkok - december 24, 25
kanchanaburi - december 26, 27
ayuthaya - december 28
bangkok - december 29, 30
chiang mai - december 31, jan 1, 2, 3, 4
phitsanulok - january 5
sukhothai - january 6
bangkok - january 7, 8

better, yes?

P.S. as this is going to be my final year in Japan, I bought myself a Hello Kitty diary for 2007. I figure it`ll be the only time in my life I`ll be able to get away with it, so why not. It`s lovely and pink :D


Blogger Sigsy said...

Is your diary kawaii?

12:15 am

Blogger Jo said...

totally! it's big and pink and very kitty.

even my japanese friend gasped when i showed her!

9:42 am

Anonymous irishnomad said...

Where do you plan to go next?

4:13 pm


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