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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Horrible, horrible, horrible

My home internet access is buggered. From last Wednesday morning to now, I had a few hours access on Friday night and Saturday night: and that`s it. I feel cut off. It`s not nice!

Anyway, I`m still alive and everything is fine and my course is nearly over. Thankfully.


Right: let`s talk food before I go. On the news the other night was a feature about the outrage of Japanese restaurants outside of Japan bastardizing Japanese and how combinations were being put together that the Japanese would NEVER eat and how it`s a really bad thing for Japanese culture that foreigners don`t eat Japanese food correctly.

Now, this made me laugh for several reasons, the main one being that this is the country that fucks around with the food of every other country, personalising it for Japanese tastes. For example, the Italians would have a fit if they saw some of the toppings put on pizza here. Or should I start screaming that fish and chips being sold with PEPPER and MUSTARD is an affront to my Englishness?

Noodle sandwiches, curry pizza, generic brown curry for that matter.

Put up, or shut up!

Okay, gotta run: time`s up now, my lovelies.


Anonymous barista said...

I think ethnic cuisine almost always gets adapted to local tastes and local ingredients.

Can't say I've had curry pizza, but I have had BBQ Chicken pizza (it was okay, but not great).

12:17 pm

Blogger Jo said...

bbq chicken pizza is good!

my point though, is that in the uk we don`t whinge about people not respecting our culture by changing our foods to suit their taste.

not that we actually have our own cuisine anymore!

8:44 pm


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