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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Today I got some news that made me really happy but as it's irrelevent to most people and might concern some people reading this and I feel it's not my news, I've decided to not reveal it until it becomes public knowledge.

Of course, keeping my mouth shut in this way may kill me. It'll certainly be a challenge.... But we'll see!

Anyway, good day, lovely evening out with a friend, pissing it down with rain - and currently sitting in bed and celebrating the news by sipping on the extremely nice expensive sake my granny student bought me, lap top on an upturned paper tray (so it doesn't overheat) and perched on my ironing board which is the perfect height when perched on my bed to eat from, use the computer on, write on, etc. And, boy is the sake good!

To clarify any ironing board confusion, I have a typical Japanese ironing board which is not similar to a typical English ironing board. If I spread my fingers as wide as they'll go, that's almost the height of my ironing board and, as I don't ever iron, it's good to know it's useful for something!

Fuck the sake is GOOD!

And now? Well, I have two more downloaded episodes of Desperate Housewives to watch!

* oishi = delicious / yummy


So, like many of you, I swapped to beta blogger but now my computer makes me log into beta blogger before it'll let me post and makes me sign in before I can reply to comments on my own blog - both are things that blogger never required.

Anyone have ANY idea how to stop this from happening?


Blogger Liisa said...

I had nice 'Desperate Housewife' moments last night: saw 2 episodes. No sake though. Which is a pity.

Have I ever told you that I iron and I even like it? Even I think myself it's a bit pervert, but one could do worse. Send your wrinkly shirts to Finland and I make them smooth for you.

3:15 pm

Blogger Jo said...

i did the night the night before: i'd downloaded two more eps of the current series. just waiting for more to download now.

you like ironing? see: you are mrs mummy!!!

10:14 pm


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