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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today one of my granny class walked into my classroom ten minutes before the lesson, said she'd just been to the bakers, and handed me a bag or cheesy-sconey-bready roll things. I ate them later! Delicious!

Another granny, who I teach later on, came into her lesson and handed me a bag - with a very expensive bottle of sake in it, because we'd been talking about sake last week and I'd said I liked it. She'd mentioned it to her husband, and he'd said to give me a bottle :D

Guess what I'll be doing in between lesson planning and certTESOL assignments the next couple of weeks?


Blogger Sarah said...

err let me guess...planning what you can mention in the Granny's class and see if they bring it in for you. Imagine...
"Today we will be discussing, Beaujolais nouveau, the finest silk kimono and rare Japanese artworks. All, for the record, which I love. That's right I love these things. Love em. OK Granny-sama one. Begin.

1:39 pm

Blogger Jo said...

sake was from rich-granny. she's not in the granny class. she has her own lesson!

8:58 pm


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