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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things can only get better?

Today started really well. I had a very kind invitation, out of the blue, to stay at someone's house in Bangkok when I'm there. It's someone I've not met but have wanted to meet for a while. Coupled with my inability to get my act together this was a lovely gesture.

It's an odd thing: people talk about internet freaks and whilst there's a lot of them [you] out there, there's also a lot of lovely people. From the blogging world, I've met TimorousBeastie and Liisa, but also met up with a lovely blogger who used to blog from Taiwan. The invitation though came from a poster on Thorntree - Lonely Planet's website - through which I've met up with, er, quite a lot of people, in the past: the majority of whom were absolutely lovely. In the UK, I played host at my house to a few and would do so again with no hesitation. It's a nice thing, in my opinion. But, I'm not going to blog about all that right now.

Anyway, the invitation put me in a very good mood. Have I mentioned before that a lot of my Tuesday students are very hard work? Well, today two were absent so that was very nice, and the classes with the others were a lot of fun. Except...

Now, I think I'm a patient and kind teacher and I have a few students that certainly take a lot of both, but they're warm and friendly and it's... nice. Ditto with the kids. Some take a LOT of patience but on the whole the lessons are pretty enjoyable for us all. I think!

Today though I walked out of a lesson in the middle. Now that I've demolished a large can of apple chu-hi, I've stopped worrying about the implications of this. In brief: remember the autistic adult that I've mentioned before? The one who snaps and gets verbally aggressive; the one who can't do small talk and won't be corrected; the one who has lessons with his sister - when she turns up (and she's mostly late and absent).

Anyway, today my patience was pushed to it's absolute limit. I ignored the first few snappings and felt progressively more and more nervous by this student. I know he has autism, but I don't know if he has any other problems: problems that could make him physically lash out one day. I am NOT a special needs teacher and think it's pretty pissy that I've been put in this position anyway. So, I walked out and explained to the receptionist that he'd made me feel afraid for my safety. She spoke to her boss who said I should go back in and continue the lesson. [er, did you not understand the reason why I walked out?]

Finally, I offered to take him back in for the last 15 minutes, to make the school happy, but luckily he wasn't having it by then and walked out.

Now - I should NOT be worried by my behaviour. I did what any teacher SHOULD do if they feel threatened by a student, surely? So, why did I feel so nervous about the implications of my action? I need to build a thicker skin I think. At least walking out was the mature and sensible thing, in my opinion. I emailed receptionist's boss and she seemed cool enough when I explained again. I also phoned one of the bosses in the company, and they also couldn't see any reason why I should be worried about what I did.

So, why am I nervous about what'll come of this tomorrow?


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Ahem. You met me, am I am freak, geek or good Internet meet?


4:18 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

It's hard to tell without knowing what he said/did, but your compnay knows you are a responsible person who can handle most tough situations, including stduents with various special needs, as you've done this before with no problems.

I'm sure they will understand that if you walked out, there must have been justififcation for it. The fact that you are being quite open about it and have contacted bosses to explain the situation also indicates that you have nothing to hide and did nothing wrong.

Don't worry.

10:07 am

Blogger Jo said...

phonenix - bit of all three?

kidding - you were a lovely person to meet!

tim - you're right: it's just that feeling of 'oh shit' that i can't get rid of. i think sometimes too much is expected of us. having not the most efficient manager doesn't help either...

10:45 am

Blogger Nix said...

I'm sure it will all be just fine! You've mentioned LOADS of students who WANT you as a teacher and keep coming back and I'm sure mgmt has taken a note of that... 'cept in true mgmt style they prolly won't tell you they're making note of the good stuff!

12:50 am

Blogger Sarah said...

Ah Jo, you poor thing. You are right, you are not a special needs teacher and you have done your best. Can you disrequest the student? Good luck - actually I should read the next post to find out what happened.

2:20 pm


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