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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Party Time!

The details of the Yamanote Halloween party have been released and are:

Saturday, October 28 JR Shinjuku station, platform 13 (Yamanote bound for Ikebukuro) Meet where car 10 stops, in front of the escalator from South exit Everyone boards the 21:07 northbound train and loops around clockwise BYOB, or better yet, whisky.

See you there? Now, for some kind of costume!

UPDATE: On second thoughts: I was standing, being battered, in Shinjuku Station, waiting for some friends this evening (Saturday), and I suddenly realised: I absolutely, totally and completely detest crowded places. What ON EARTH am I thinking? It'll be horrendous. It'll be rush hour with no place to pee. Funny how things sometimes seem such a good idea, until you really stop to think about them, isn't it?


Blogger Nix said...

You should try and somehow incorporate the ludicrously priced shorts that Beastie mentioned into your costume.

12:45 am


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