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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Right, that's that then

My previous meltdown sorted me out. I'm fine now.

Quick round-up:

~ Nikki's now gone. I left her leaving party early, after only 3 or 4 drinks, as I was knackered after TESOL, and it was sad being there.

~ My bike has TWO flat tyres. Grrr.

~ As a result of the above: one of my schools I regularly cycle to. The alternative is the bus but yesterday I didn't feel like that, so I decided to walk estimating it would take about 30 minutes. It actually took nearer to 50 and was followed by bouncing and hopping around for an hour with four 3-year olds, then 40 minutes bouncing around with two 2-year olds and then a VERY lively 6-year old. I had a test lesson with an 8 year old (no energy left by this point). After that I had a couple of civilised lessons with adults before getting dragged kicking and screaming to drink. I got the bus home - finishing up with a 20 minute walk.

My legs hurt today. I can't think why. Oh.... and I also went for a very long walk on Monday, my day off. I have it in my head to do this three times a week. I have EVERY intention in fact of doing this. But it won't happen. I spent about 9 months considering starting jogging. I decided to give up on that plan!

~ The weather has turned to cack. Rain, rain and more rain. A good reason to not walk really.

~ It's Nikoman and Pizzaman season again as far as I'm concerned. (Deeeelicious hot steamed buns with savoury (mainly meat) fillings, for the uninitiated!)

~ Pay day is creeping up, thankfully. Thailand cleaned me out. I'll also get my two year bonus. Double yay!

~ Those bloody builders who kept waking me up for ages last year demolishing the building by our apartment blocks AND who kept waking me up for even longer this year rebuilding the sodding thing, are back again - building a wall this time. They seem to be managing about 15 blocks a day. Really.

~ Ben and Gaby should have dropped their sprog by now: but I still haven't heard.

~ One of my kid students has opted to spend two hours a week cleaning her local train station instead of joining a music club. Takes all sorts, I guess.

~ I finished all of 24, series 5 last week. I'm now waiting a few days before I download the new Lost which has just started broadcasting in the U.S. It's funny. If I was still in the UK, I probably wouldn't have watched any of these series - ie, Desperate Housewives, Lost, 24, Tru Calling, Prison Break and more I can't think of. They're all on DVDs in the local DVD shops. So bad, and yet so good!

~ Currently looking forward to a Halloween Party on a train. Every year for the last who knows how many years, there's been a party on a designated train on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. This is a train line which goes around in a circle. Party goers congregate at a given time on a certain platform and, all dressed up, get onto the train with beers. The atmosphere is meant to be a LOT of fun and, of course, the poor commuters get very confused at first...

Last year I heard about it after the event and was upset I'd missed it. I think it sounds like one of those 'must attend' events, just to say you've gone...!

One more thing. Does anyone have a VOX account? I've started one and put some pictures on. Before I put more on, does anyone have any idea how I can invite people once I've selected the friends only privacy option? I can't figure it out.


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