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Monday, September 25, 2006

Rabbits, People and more

(Don't forget I'm still checking for new comments on my Thailand post below)

* This weekend I saw a rabbit on a lead in Sasazuka. It was wearing a little jacket as well.

* Last week, I was discussing giving money to homeless people. She said she didn't do so because she didn't want to spoil them. This from a mid-20s, part-time worker who lives with her parents and happily admits she is spoiled by them and they give her everything she wants.

* I still love my Mooncup.

* Yesterday, after the TESOL, Lou and I went to Nikki's house for a lovely evening. I can't believe Nikki's leaving in a weeks time. I'd been avoiding the reality of it until yesterday when I nearly burst into tears on the train. Well, I was tired and I had a cold and.... fuck it, I'm going to miss Nikki.

* A friend lent me Season 5 of 24 to watch. Goodbye life.

* I'm considering a trip to the UK next year, if anyone wants to see me...


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