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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dancing and Drinking

On my way home from work yesterday, after I'd got off a bus and was trying to find my bicycle, I heard loud drumming. I live in a very residential area, offset by a university, some offices and a few small shops, restaurants and the like. Not really what you'd call a kicking area. So, my curiosity was somewhat aroused by this rhythmical bashing.

Needing to go to the 100 yen shop to buy some blindfolds and gags to teach with - er I mean, a couple of eye masks to use for a blindfolding non-kinky game - I had to head in the direction of the drumming anyway and saw a crowd of people slowly moving down the street following the drums. My bicycle and I edged closer until we reached a gap in the crowd and saw lots of bikini-and-feather clad ladies samba'ing away to lots of drums. It was really cool. Although pretty strange to see in a small strange in the place I live in!

Today, after surviving another testosterone heavy day at the TESOL course - I'm the only female in a class of straight males - figure it out for yourselves - I went and joined a load of other teachers to go on the Tokyo Bay Cruise. It was so heavily subsidized for us as to be almost free -and all drinks were included in the price. Being a humid day, hanging out (with a 1000 other people) on top of a ship for two hours was perfect! Going inside was pretty sweat inducing though!

Right, that's it. I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is my day off. I have no plans and no urgent deadlines to stress about now. Happy happy!

BOOM! BOOM! CRASH! CRASH! - Last night there was the MOST amazing storm I can remember ever having heard. For about half an hour or more around half three-ish, the sky was splattered with flashes of lightening, every few seconds. Not little streaks like you normally see, but a really angry sky emlazened with crackles and thuds, like someone playing with a light switch. This was accompanied with full-power rain and non-relenting thunder.

It was incredible. I was very happy to have not been caught in it. It was almost frightening but I love storms and got out of bed to stand at my window for about 15 minutes to watch it. It was quite exciting - and kind of relaxing at the same time. But then I quite like mild air turbulance or being on a hovercraft in rough water.....!


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