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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Obon Break

Breaks here are always well-needed. In the April break, I decided to have a quiet holiday: it didn't pan out like that and I ended up doing things almost every day and evening. In the June break I, again, decided to take it easy. And again it didn't quite work out that way. This time though I was really determined to take it easy. Especially with all the six-day weeks I have now.

So far I've had:

* one day of TESOL
* three days at home reading lots, studying, cleaning
* one day of a Thai lunch, seeing 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and drinking
* one day of lunch at a friends' house, followed by yakitori and karaoke
* one day of feeling ill and not doing a great deal
* one day to come - of lunch at a friends' house
* one day to come - of TESOL again
and then back to work. Nice! Except I'm very pre-periody right now. Grrrrr!
Oh and I'm catching up on my overdue emails so, if I owe you one, you may be getting it soon!
And on Sunday I drank LOTS of Pimms. For the first time in two years. Good, huh?!


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