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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things that make you....

Last week one of my colleagues told me his fiancee had just spent 15,000 yen on her hair. That's about £75 / US$130. She spent three hours in the salon for this money. What did she have done, I hear you asking?

She had a perm to straighten her hair. Japanese women have THE straightest hair I've ever seen in my LIFE.

Colleague and I found this VERY funny. I bet the hairdresser did too.


On my way to the station, from time to time, I pass some very little Japanese kindergardners, walking in a crocodile with their teachers and holding onto a rope as they walk. There's normally about 12 or so of them and they must only be about 3 years old. They really are super cute and I always smile when I see them. (Sometimes out of relief at not having cycled over them, but mainly because they're so cute).

Today they were super-super cute: they, and their teachers, were walking along along singing Doe A Deer, in English.

It made my morning :D


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