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Monday, July 10, 2006

I drink like a camel

Okay. I'm a little bit relaxed, having had quite a few shochu and tomato juices (good drink - I recommend it) so I want to have an anti-rant:

I know I sometimes say negative things about Japan BUT I really do have a love-hate relationship with this place. It's just that sometimes the hate side outweighs the love side slightly and, let's face it, the negative things are a bit more interesting to write about.

The bottom line though is that I love teaching, love not sharing my accommodation, have a great time almost every time I go out and I have some wonderful friends.

My friends here are a diverse bunch. I guess this doesn't surprise anyone that knows me as it's always been the case. Now though, everyone seems to have something in common with someone when I throw random people together.

Naturally I have friends who teach for the same company as me: some girls and some gay guys. I don't have any close straight male friends who are teachers. Luckily, as conversations with teachers inevitably cannot avoid work, not all my friends are teachers for the same company. Some (like Tim and Liisa) I've met through blogging. Others I've met through Lonely Planet. Yet others are Japanese friends: students, or receptionists, or friends of friends or even more random connections BUT...

I feel lucky to have such a diverse and sound group of mates to hang out with and have fun with and teach naughty English to....

I shouldn't post after drinking, should I?


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

At least you don`t look like a camel ;-)

12:55 pm


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