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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just Odd

The mother of one of my five year olds came to pick her daughter up today after our lesson. The kid (who IS super cute) was hanging off the mothers legs. The mother looked at me and said: 'she's SO childish'. I pointed out she was, in fact, a child. The mother used 'babyish' instead.

Please... let kids BE kids!


I was walking around Parco today (a large department store) when a large (8 foot tall by about 6 foot wide) metallic silver teardrop with short stumpy legs walked towards me being encouraged on by a couple of security bods. Mr Large Scary Teardrop stood still in the electrical department for a while, wobbling and nearly falling on a kid, before he walked back out.

I was scared.


On the train this evening I saw a man (bit of a Shibuya boy actually) wearing a pink and white striped suit and white shoes. His hair was totally George Michael from the 80s and he wore shades and had a bleached goatee.

Everyone walking past him seemed to do a double take!


On the train going home after a night out, I did my normal trick of standing by the stairs when waiting for the train. This doesn't give so much space so people can't queue in such a massive number and it tends to be a bit less crowded. Tonight I was lucky and got to sit down too, but even if you can't get a seat this way, you can find a bit more space.

But I digress.

So, I was sitting down with a friend and a couple got on and went to sit down opposite us. The guy sat down. The girl started to sit down when another man spotted she hadn't quite made bum-seat contact yet AND PUSHED HER ROUGHLY OUT OF THE WAY WITH HIS HANDS. A few people looked at this scene in amazement but (predictably?) nobody said anything.

Unbelievable, no?


In this weeks Metropolis magazine is this picture:

This is a picture of a dog bed. It's designed for minimalist houses and is 10mm-thick perspex with 'funky cushions in contemporary-design shades'. Bla bla bla.

This is a dog bed.

It costs 262,500 yen. That's just over £1200 or US$2284.

It's a dog bed. It's a dog bed. It's a dog bed. [Bashes head on keyboard].


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