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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just Testing

Hint: If you are in a restaurant and are served something in a thick looking bowl ON a plate, the chances ARE the bowl is too hot to have been carried. There is NO need to test this theory with your thumb.

OUCH! (2cm long blister on thumb).

Hint 2: If a CD appears not to work, BEFORE you spend 4 minutes pressing 'play' 'stop' continuously, and THEN going to get a tape and apologizing to your student: ALWAYS check the volume switch is higher than zero. OOPS!

(student tried VERY hard not to piss herself laughing at me when SHE figured this out just before I walked back into classroom).


Thought of the day: before coming here I thought Japan and England had a lot in common. My extensive research has concluded we are both islands inhabited by people. And that's it. There are no other commonalities between Japanese and English people's ways of thinking, doing thing, attitudes to life, etc.

Social anthropologist, moi, ne?!


Weather update: a couple of days of loveliness. It's getting hotter, we've had no rain for two days, the evenings are getting warmer, I'm no longer taking a jacket to work, the duvet spends all night being pushed off-pulled back. Summer is around the corner. Shame really. Summer is TOO hot. I'd like it to stay like it is now!


And one more thing: I had a dream last night that I had to teach a class of about 60 people (most of my classes are only one or two students) and they wouldn't listen to me or do anything I said to them and I completely lost control of the situation as the number kept growing and they wouldn't listen to me. And then, one of the Big Bosses came in, and shouted at me because it was all my fault because I'd not noticed that students had been coming in from the wrong region.

He didn't help me teach them or tell me what to do. I think he helped me escape.

I'm not sure which thing is scarier about this dream: having dreamt about the teaching nightmare or having dreamt about a Big Boss.


Hot on my trail of having a bit of a ditzy week, I was playing a game with a teenage student today. It was my turn and I had to name six words with 8-letters: suitcase, classroom, etc. I got to the end, smiled and told her it was her turn. She laughed at me (I'm used to students laughing at me, from time to time) and pointed out that classroom has 9-letters.

For being so observant, I let her off having to do any homework. I'll give her twice as much next week.


And in a FURTHER moment of blondeness, I spent about 4 minutes trying to cue up a tape and getting very confused as to why I couldn't find the place I wanted.

Eventually I realised it was the wrong tape.


What all this tells me is that my period is due. Well, that's MY excuse, and I'm sticking to it.


Blogger Mista Baku said...

Lol - your blog never fails to entertain and amuse me.

Hope all is going well in Japan and apologies I didnt see you to give you the Cadburys Cream eggs that I brought specially.


1:22 am

Blogger Shining Love Pig said...

I discovered the secret of the stone bowls on the wooden platters during a particulaly reckless drunken night out...the key word, as I'm sure you're aware, is "ouch".

8:43 pm


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