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Friday, May 19, 2006

I love 'Kaldi'

Kaldi coffee shop is probably my favourite shop in Tokyo. It sells coffee, obviously, and you're always given a free hot sample as you walk into their store but the reason I love it is they also sell international food.

I can indulge in cheap olives, couscous, pitta bread, chocolate covered pretzels, good dried mangoes and so much more....

Did I mention it's also very cheap?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have the original Janat tea from France, ceylan tea bags for milk tea are really great, very nice store...


8:25 pm

Blogger peter said...


I came across your blog doing busienss reseach on Kaldi, I export some macadamias to them.

Everybody I know who does the "teach English in Japan" stint seems to discover something nice about themselves over there. Maybe the experience of being a foreigner helps with getting to know youself,



10:25 am


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