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Monday, May 08, 2006

Final two days of Golden Week

Yesterday I slobbed. It was great.

Today I went to Tokyo Disneyland, thanks to one of my friends. Unlike the average Japanese person who has probably been there 26.3333333 times at least, today was my first visit, although I did Disneyworld Floriday when I was about 18, and Disneyland Paris about 12 years ago. I'm not a Disney nut, but have always had a soft spot for it and things like Disneyland bring out the kid in me. Especially after a large diet coke (sorry again for that, Shiomi!)

Anyway, thanks to the combination of it being just after Golden Week, and the weather being a bit downcast, there weren't huge crowds there, and the longest we queued for anything was about 15 minutes.

Very good fun, in all. Would I go again? Probably not. Although I DO want to go to Disney Sea.


On another note: can anyone please explain Louis Vuitton to me. I just DON'T get it. The bags are SO ugly. WHY do people (Japanese women) go so crazy for shit-brown coloured bumpy leather ugly shaped bags with L's and V's all over them and a huge price tag? WHY?


Anonymous Jo (not in Japan) said...

Because of the huge price tag! To show that they can afford it, and keep up with the Jones's, I guess.

1:36 am

Anonymous rebecca said...

I have to agree with you fully on this. The bags are really very ugly, and are way too much money for what they are.

Jo (not in Japan) is correct though, it's more of a "keeping up with the Jones's" kind of thing.

2:43 am

Blogger Jules said...

Its a status symbol - a way of creating "face" (or at least, it is in China). A "look at how expensive my handbag is, now you can work out where I fit in the social structure" marker, in the same way that accent/what school you went to/what job you have/where you live/other social markers indicate where you belong on the social hierarchy.

It isn't just handbags, but also shoes, watch, jewellery and clothes, that are looked at closely to see where you fit into the social strata.

One of the things that I noticed a LOT when I was living in China was that I would often have my outfit "appraised" by the locals when I was out and about - the full look from head to toe.

I couldn't get over how popular Burberry was when I was visiting Japan last year, and all through China/HK.

9:11 am

Blogger Liisa said...

Vuitton bags are utterly ugly!

But only a genious can get an idea to create such a hideous shit-brown design with 70's men's underwear patterns on it and make it a status symbol that sells.

9:52 am

Blogger Jo said...

So, LV = The Emperor's New Clothes, then?

(http://hca.gilead.org.il/emperor.html - if you don't know the kids story)

11:30 am

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Liisa,What are you trying to tell us about M`s underpants?

1:13 pm

Anonymous French in Toyko said...

Don't wanna play the Devil Advocate here, but it is my duty as a french girl working for a french brand, to remind you that the symbol of Vuitton originates from the sakura (cherry blossoms) which are dear to the heart of each japanese... maybe we have the beginning of an explanation here.

3:29 pm

Blogger Liisa said...

Tim, I've known M since 1980 therefore I have no idea what kind of underwear he wore before that. And not even then. We became a couple long after our first meeting.

All the same LV's (my intials actually) bags are UGLY.

9:04 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Dear French,

Exactly HOW does the LV logo resemble sakura?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Vuitton - says it came from asian monogram styles. It's still ugly though. But devil's advocate is good!

9:38 pm


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