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Monday, April 17, 2006

Stand by your man

"Many women want to learn how to remove earwax to please men. Akiko Inaba is even thinking of starting classes to teach women ear cleaning and massage as part of their bridal training."

I'm kind of speechless.

The tea ceremony lessons. The kimono wearing lessons. The flower arranging lessons. All of this I accept and can pretend to understand. But this... Just NO. Will toe picking lessons be next?

Another article

Actually, the whole 'bridal training' thing is, er, interesting.

I think my point, might be, that sometimes for brief periods I start imagining things in Japan and the UK to be similar. And then, WHACK, something comes thundering out to remind me of just how I'm deluding myself.


Anonymous rebecca said...

Just... wow.

Uh... yeah.

I think if I were a Japanese woman, at that point I would become Catholic and be a nun.


2:42 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Ear cleaning... I heard a great item on the radio a couple of days ago about a clinic in Tokyo which cleans your ears out for you.

Apparently it's highly popular with Japanese businessmen... I think this answers the age-old conundrum of what you get for the person who has everything. Maybe they do loyalty cards?

Ben J x

9:30 pm

Anonymous rebecca said...

Look what I just found on BBC News:


6:16 am

Blogger Jo said...

the link doesn't work. could you post it again, please?

10:30 am

Blogger Neil said...

Have you learned yet about the Japanese disgust with outie belly buttons? Another cultural thing...

3:58 am

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

I love getting my ears cleaned when i am in China. Its quite sensual.

6:49 am

Blogger Jo said...

neil - no.

phoenix - what about the person being paid to do it though? i'm sure they don't find it sensual!

10:17 am

Blogger LivinginOz said...

Wow, Jo. How interesting! I'm glad my husband hasn't thought of that one, though. Trimming the ear hair is enough for me.

7:52 am


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