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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Yee Ha!

My student, M, is currently very excited. M is a very low level student who I have been teaching for maybe 7 or 8 months or so. She’s an adult and very sweet and tries really hard, and is progressing slowly but steadily.

M adores pink. Today, in a typical get up for M, she wore a pink and white striped shirt under a pink jumper. She had pink nail varnish and a pink hair accessory. Her textbook unit has been clipped into a pink file and she uses a Hello Kitty pencil and eraser which she takes from her Hello Kitty pencil case. All of which is kept in a pink bag, or course. When she isn’t wearing pink hair accessories she wears tiara style hair bands. She’s bought me a few little presents in the past including a pink hair accessory and a Mt. Fuji Hello Kitty pen. Both of which, of course, I use regularly!

M works for a company that designs horse riding and horse care products. This is my understanding anyway as her conversational abilities are pretty low, as I said already. Today we were looking at the diary she keeps for me every day and, as if there isn’t enough pink in the world already, she had written that her and her colleague had designed a pair of pink checked riding jodhpurs, which they felt were sure to be a big hit with females everywhere….

Now, please form an ORDERLY queue!


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