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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday snippets

~ I saw a kid of about 8 today, wearing bright pink 'things'. I'm not really sure what to call them. They consisted of extremely short shorts attached, by little brace clips that were about 4 cms long, to trouser legs. Does that make sense? It just looked very inappropriate to me. The kind of clothing someone like Jodie Marsh would wear to look sluttish. It definitely did not look cute. Maybe that's just my take though.

~ I saw a dog having it's nappy (diaper) adjusted.

~ I saw, and bought, some pitta bread. Stuffed pitta bread used to be one of my favourite meals in the UK. In Japan, they are pretty hard to find and normally come in packets of two and are expensive. I find a pack of six that were reasonably priced today. Happy, happy!

~ My blind student is turning into one of my favourites to teach now. The 45 minutes with her just flies by and most of it is spent with the two of us laughing. Giving a lesson to her also means being more creative and innovative than normal AND she's a lovely person with a really cool sense of humour. She's also teaching ME so much. Like how she emails her boyfriend (typed messages from a computer get turned into voice messages on her phone), plays football (bell in ball) and volleyball (bell in ball PLUS someone shouting to her), etc. Last week she told me her grandfather taught her upper case letters when she was a kid. Today I taught her lower case using magnets. She loved it. Cool girl. Wish all my students gave so much to the lesson.

~ I now have four days off before I work again. Happier, happier!


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