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Monday, February 20, 2006

Twenty reasons to be pissed off

In our company most teachers get two days off a week. A certain number of these, spread over the year, are allocated as 'cover days' - where you are told in advance you will be working an extra day in a specified school - and 'standby days' - where you have to work if another teacher is off sick and find out on the day.

On Saturday, night at the party, I was having a drunken conversation with someone - actually I had many drunken conversations with many drunken people - and saying I was going out the following night (ie last night) but was on standby on Monday (today) so REALLY hoped I wouldn't have to work. The person said they were going to call in sick. Naturally, I assumed they were kidding. THEY FUCKING WEREN'T. So, either I worked for someone who called a sickie -or this was devine retribution for making the joke.

Either way, I wasn't happy and listed twenty reasons why I was pissed off whilst walking to the station. I tried to counter these with reasons to not be pissed off - but only reached four.

And it wasn't the greatest of days. I'd been given the wrong information for most of the classes - always a good start. And had to administer three loads of tests - and mark them - to kids classes which I cannot even begin to explain just how boring this process is as the whole thing is done with a tape and I just sit there telling the kids to shut up.... Or something like that.

I was meant to finish at TEN p.m. - Most of my days I finish between 8.30 and 9.15 (6pm on a Saturday) and, in fact, it's pretty unusual for a teacher to finish later than 9.30. Anyway, two of the final three students managed to find their phones and call to say they wouldn't be coming. The third forgot - but the receptionist decided we should go a bit after 9.30 and after finally reaching the bloody student.


Oh and last night: pretty tame really. We had a company girls' night out and I only had three (largish) glasses of vodka and tomato juice. Well.... drinking strips you of vitamin c, right? And tomato juice is a good supply of said vitamin so it made perfect sense to me. And the vodka? Hair of the dog, natch!


And one last thing, check out Masa's website, if you haven't already. I'm not sure if I've linked to it before, but it normally cracks me up. Great observations and very interesting photographs...



Blogger Jules said...

Drinking depletes you of Vitamin B - but nice try at justifying the alcohol!!

8:00 am

Blogger Jo said...

hush, jules! i'm SURE it's vitamin c!!

11:46 am


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