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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spring is on the way!

It's definitely starting to get much warmer now. What a relief! Although I've heard this weekend is going to be crap again. Spring and autumn are lovely here and the onset of spring will, naturally, mean the (hopefully) onslaught of hanami parties! Can't wait! In the meantime though, we've had two days of rain. Oh well.

Yesterday I think I may have overdone it at the gym. My biceps (biceps? the big muscles at the front of your upper arm? oh well) are KILLING me. Especially my right one. People kept laughing at me when I told them. Does sympathy not exist any more? One student told me it was because I was getting old. Thanks!

Every month or so I've been sending money back to the UK for my loan. I've always done this through the post office and it's always been the same. Except this month they've decided there is a problem with one of the addresses I've put down. Even though it's the same. Oh well... I'll get to the bottom of this eventually.

Today was good. All of my students were lovely and it was all nice and easy. Oh, except we had a little earthquake (again). My student looked terrified. The receptionist came in looking all concerned. I was my normal 'whatever' about the whole thing. The receptionist said if we were in doubt we should get under the table. I tried to not look at her like she was insane and asked if the tables were specially strengthened or something. She said they were. Afterwards I asked her if she expected the table would hold the weight of the ceilings collapsed onto it. She said probably not...

Oh and poor mum: I taikened (level checked/gave a trial lesson) to a couple of kikokusei brothers (Japanese that have lived in an English speaking country) and asked the 11/12 year old to tell me about his family. I meant for him to tell me if he had any more siblings, if his grandparents lived with them, etc. He told me his mother wasn't on a diet. Intriguing. I'm not sure if the mother understood or not what he had said, but I found it really funny.


Blogger Maethelwine said...

This may sound crazy, but have you tried mixing a teaspoon or so of baking soda into water and drinking that after your workouts? Most of the muscle soreness is just torn tissue, but some of it is lactic acid buildup, which the soda can alleviate.

And I love it when my returnee kids say funny things that they know only the two of us will understand.

10:53 am

Blogger Jo said...

thanks for the tip!

i have another returnee - a five year old - ages ago, when i first taikened her, and then her mother, with the kid in the room, she wouldn't shut up. One of the things she came out with, when I was level checking the mother, was 'my mum isn't very good at English, is she?'. Children, eh!

1:26 am


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