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Monday, January 16, 2006

The weekend

Today I finally joined a gym. They had a lovely English speaking receptionist there who was very patient with me asking a 1000 questions and getting her to translate almost all of their classes timetable! I feel virtuous now, and somewhat poorer.

I also managed to blitz half my flat, do a load of washing, get my bike puncture fixed, buy some clothes, buy some discs so I can put all the photos from my hard drive safely on disc in case my hard drive dies on me....

Yesterday, I went to SUMO for the second time. Reading through the literature they give out there, I now understand sumo. A bit. Kind of. It was fun anyway.

And Saturday, before catching up with a friend and spending far too much on a meal, I had another gem from a student. On talking about important decisions in life I'd got the marriage, education, housing, kinds of answers from her. She then added one of the most important decisions in life was how to control your husband. Who said Japanese women are subservient?!


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